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I’m Back…

Hello Beautiful World!

I just wanted to write you a quick little hello message.  You might have been wondering where I’d run off to.  Well, over the past year I had a lot of things to sort out.  My life started to sound like a bad country song, but I’m all dusted off and back on track once again.  I have a lot of catching up to do as you can imagine, so I’m hoping you can lend me just a tad more of your patience.

I’m inquiring for some assistance.  I may have someone lined up to help me with social media, but am still in the market for someone to assist with sales, or give me a few pointers to get started.  If you have any leads or helpful advice, feel free to email me

I’m very excited to get back to work on The Niagara Local and I would to thank you for standing by the vision of this site while I was unable to work on it.  Your comments, emails, event invitations have meant a great deal to me personally.

Thank you so much!!


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