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Welland Farmers’ Market

Housed in the original market buildings constructed in 1919 and operating since 1907, the Farmer’s market in Welland has some serious street cred. Packed with families, euro-grandpas and young couples scooping up;  fresh veggies, handmade sausages, chocolate croissants and aged cheddar, the market offers a peek into the vibrancy and diversity of downtown Welland.

Gregarious sellers lure you to buy the “last of the season” and regulars and tourists alike get caught up in the vibe and bring home more produce, honey, and quail eggs than needed. Savvy shoppers know to bring lots of thick canvas bags and to pace themselves.  In the summer months, the Market Restaurant serves bacon and egg breakfasts on the covered patio; a perfect perch to watch the kids inhale fresh raspberries with relish.



Sandra Beaulieu

Is the Welland Market open Saturday, July 1st, 2017? thought I should check since it is Canada Day


Hi there. Im Interested in vending at your location in the very near future if possible. We have a variety of smoked meat, a few cheeses and our homestyle sought after Italian products, such as, Sopresatta, cacciatore n Casalingo, i do have a great reputation n get a long well with other vendors n customers. Also, my p

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