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The Fruit Shack

Sweethearts Susan and Frank Pohorly, married and bought 40 acres of farmland on the Niagara Parkway in 1970.  They had a good thing going, and that good thing keeps on going.  Now, a little bit wiser, but not a day older, Susan and Frank have enlisted their son, Steven, to help take on the reigns.

This is one of the preemptive fruit stands on route 55; Niagara Stone Rd, aka your road to wine country.  Hungry, road-weary travellers stop in for a pit-stop of fresh fruit and dynamite butter tarts, while the locals’ know this is the best place to find your sugar plums and hormone free St. Jacobs meat.

A selection of fresh fruit and produce grown on the Pohorly farm, balanced by other local farms’ offerings that fill in the gaps, plus fresh frozen meals and sundry products from around Ontario and Canada.  For the most part, this is the original one-hundred-mile grocery store.

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