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Opened in 2011 by sister and brother team, Sarah and Eddy, Tang is satisfying a craving for authentic Chinese cuisine in Niagara. Minimalistic decor lets the authentic food be the focal point.  The five flavours of traditional Chinese cuisine dominate; sweet, sour, bitter, hot and salty, and both Northern and Southern palettes are addressed. Depending on your experience, servers may direct you to General Tso’s chicken, or more exotic choices; chicken feet and twice cooked pork slices (the true measure of a Chinese chef).

Not served on carts, but filling a customary tradition to linger and laugh with friends, Tang offers small plates of steamed, or pan-fried dim-sum; char siu bao (steamed buns filled stuffed with roast pork) and har gao (light, translucent shrimp dumplings). The extensive hot pot selection outlines various broths, from mild to the ever-popular Sichuan, a literal hot-pot full of chili-pepper oil and “hua jaio”;  mouth-numbing peppercorns.

Dim Sum: from $4
Mains: from $9

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