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Rancourt Winery

Formerly the Vignoble Rancourt Winery, a little cottage winery, run by Lionel Rancourt, his post-tender fruit farming dream, until he passed away.  His wife Lorraine put it up for sale, but the history of the place they built together with their own two hands held sway.  With the help of her children, and a stroke of luck that brought Jean-Pierre Colas, award winning winemaker from France who worked all over the world, to her doorstep, the doors of change were opened.

Today the winery is booming.  It’s in new hands, but has maintained it’s smaller, intimate feel, except now they have cheese.  They also have winemaker, Eric Pearson on board, who is crafting wines that are especially unique for the area.  His Malbec is affectionately nicknamed the ‘liquid watermelon jolly rancher’.  Working with Vendimia North Consultation Winemakers; Fred DiProfio, Marc Pistor and Ramsey Khairallah, all BrockU grads of the Cool Climate Oenology and Viticulture Program, together they have transformed Rancourt into Lionel’s dream come true.

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