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Portage Bakery

Italian and American crowds pack this house on Sundays after church.  Sumptuous round loaves and the smells of fresh bread from the oven lure you into the large room full of tables and cases of pastries, with a complete deli and a station of ready-to-eat meals.   Pastas with house-made sauce, cutlets, meatballs and the fast favourite; house subs.  Choose two meats and one cheese and load up your sandwich with all the pickled Italian veggies and fresh toppings you like.

Owned for 41 years, Portage’s Flour Rep says this is the busiest bakery in the city.  Rosario Barone (the head baker) and his wife Jolantha, bought the bakery in 1934.   They still run the place, but now they have help from their two daughters, Nadia and Deanna. Their breads are shipped as far as Ohio and Pennsylvania. They “can’t go any farther because there are no preservatives in the food” Nadia, proudly boasts.

Lunch $5 – 10



Besides Latina’s, Mellloni’s and Pellagrino’s, where else can your bread be purchased in the states? I have friend who live in Lockport that are interested.


Try DiCamillo’s Bakery on Pine Ave. in Niagara Falls, NY. Outstanding baked goods- fresh daily.

Mike & Connie

Been going to Potage Bakery for 30 yrs
Always something new
You know when your looking for that place where the bread tastes like bread with a delicious chewy found it
The deserts are great,the hot food area will not disappoint ..try it will be back
A step back the way it should be


I have been eating here since I was a young child. When we moved, my mother would buy 30 plus loaves of bread to bring home at a time. The whole car would smell like this place. Coming back here as an adult is like a time machine. I hope this bakery exists as it is forever.


Iam a baker,Nigerian and I reside in Lagos  Nigeria presently.

Iam in search of a job in Canada.

Does your bakery have any vacancy for baker.

Iam looking forward to your possible and earliest ensue.

Best regards.


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