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Niagara Essential Oils and Blends, NEOB, for short, is a unique treasure trove of ancient healing wisdom through herbs and plants.  Completely self-taught, from the growing, distilling, to bottling, owner Melissa, has even created a hybrid lavender plant that will happily withstand Niagara’s harsh winter winds.  There are 12 acres of lavender all together, five long rows on this property and a handful of farm credit fields in and around town; there is a culinary field in downtown NOTL, and in a select few downtown backyards you can find NEOB lavender growing.

NEOB uses a steam-powered 1600 L distiller, to make essential oils and hydrosol, which uses every part of the plant. Their boutique offers a remarkably wide array of products; everything from hand soap to treatment shampoos and laundry soap, and much, much more, all handcrafted on site, using plants grown in NOTL.

A tour gives a close-up view of the plants in the field and greenhouse and a sample of  lavender shortbread.


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