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Marshville Chocolates

This quaint country shop is located in downtown Wainfleet, a small township known as much for their chocolate as for the equally popular Marshville Heritage Festival.  Named after the Wainfleet Marshlands, Marshville Chocolate offers a variety of homemade chocolate confections; bars, truffles, fudge, candies and pre-made themed gift packages for special occasions, in dark and milk chocolate.  Marshville chocolate is wonderful, sweet and buttery.  The plain milk chocolate bar exposes the quality and pure taste of the chocolate.  It’s silky, smooth and literally melts in your mouth.  Try the cashew, caramel cluster shells; sweet and chocolaty on the tongue, with a blend of crunchy cashews and runny caramel and finished with the perfect pinch of salt.



Just opened my birthday present, a beautiful chocolate heart full of smaller delicious chocolates….so rich and tasty! Love them


Just opened my box of Birthday Chocolates, a beautiful chocolate heart full of smaller chocolates…so good, so rich…Thank you

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