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J monk S Fish & Stuff

Over fifteen years in the business, Jorgen, and Sherry Ohlsson rarely leave each other’s side and are very much in love. The husband and wife duo have established a loyal following of returning regulars, eager for a freshly made fish&chips dinner, a housemade salad, or two, or three, and a warm conversation to catch up.

Jorgen starts cooking the moment certain regulars pull up in the parking lot. He knows exactly what they’re going to order.  One fellow, who happened to be visiting from Ireland, said he comes in every time he’s in town.  The Ohlsson’s brought in British sundry products and regulars make requests for items from the homeland.

Each meal is individual. Choose your fish; halibut, haddock, pollock. Deep fried, isn’t for you?  They will broil or bake, with a choice of tarragon, or lemon pepper. On Good Friday, there’s a steady stream of folks lining up out the door.

Main $5 – 12

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