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Balkan Deli

Velibor and Snežana Knezevic have owned this European deli for over 8 years, serving Serbian locals specialty cured-meats and baked goods (cue the divine, house-made custard cake).  All the baked goods are made in-house, while the meats are ordered from local, European meat specialists.  The Balkan Deli offers a full selection of European dried goods and snacks, cheeses, deli meats, breads and pastries.


Tony S.

World class food (their cakes are amazing and their cevapici are ow-some)) for corner store prices. As a East European I am really impressed.
Places like this make our life more better.


Ate the best tiramisu here! It was soooooooo goood!!


Amazing place!


Well I just finished eating a sub from the deli it was very good and all but near the end of it I got tired of bread so I started eating the guts and in between the meet was what looked to be parchment paper with my teeth marks I was just eating a sheet of paper along with the entirety of the sub……. If i wanted to eat paper I wouldn’t pay for it!!! Hope you guys do better next time.. If there’s a next time!!

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