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This busy beaver chops wood

All work and no play

I haven’t had much of a chance to get out to eat lately.  I’ve been too busy.  Although, there are some really great events coming up that I’m super excited to be invited to.  Tiffany Mayer kindly invited me to VegFest for the Wine Tour, which I am looking forward to try.  That will be in June.  And the nice people at Niagara Parks invited me to attend the Spring Culinary Crawl in May.  I can’t wait for spring to come!

I did get a chance to eat at Taris a few weeks ago with Ryan Treanor, from the GNCC, when I signed TNL up to be a member.  Taris is  a beautiful restaurant with views of the old Welland Canal.  Pics of my delicious fish tacos will be coming your way, when I get a chance. But for about three weeks now I’ve been working the grind stone; up at the crack of dawn and working til dark.  Well, except for a few nice things…

I’m working on a cottage I bought.   It’s nestled in the trees and just a short walk from the beach.  It was originally built in 1966, and I found out that it’s one of those pre-fab cottages you could order at the hardware store.  There’s wood everywhere – cedar, actually.  Which I’m not going to paint white, even though that’s the trendy thing to do.  I’m going to leave it and feel the 60’s vibe for a while.  I think I dig the 60’s.  I pulled out all my old hanging lamps and macrame plant hangers!  Sweet. 

This is my handsome hubby working on the electrical.  That’s what he does for a living.

I love working with my hands.  I do demo and I use power tools.   The cedar tongue and groove planks for the walls though, I’ve been cutting with a hand-saw because it’s too delicate.  The smell is incredible.  It’s like nothing I’ve ever smelled.  I have a mask on of course, but still the smell of this wood comes through, clear and kind of like eucalyptus. It’s really amazing.  That’s also why I want to keep the wood, that and it apparently keeps away bugs, which is always a good thing.  I’m sanding them so they won’t be so dark though.

Once I’m all done maybe I’ll do a post and share some of my cottage with you.  For now, I can show you what I found when I demo’d the old bathroom floor.  

Underneath the vintage linoleum, I found a copy of the U.S.  Niagara Falls Gazette from May 7, 1969.  The fashion ads are hanging up at the house, but I took a couple pics of some ads that I thought were neat.  …maybe you recognize where they’re from?


Ciao for now. -Vanessa

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