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I can can

Oh baby, I just learned how to can my own food!  Thanks Google.  Now I have reached a milestone in my gardening expertise, and the sky, (or rather my storage space for canned items) is the limit!!  Here I will share with you what I did. First, you have the awesome job of growing your own food, au natural, without chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Then you get to pluck it out of the earth.  This is me collecting my beets.  I keep the tops for salads.

Yes, I actually dress like this when I am gardening.  Note, the Dutch clogs, my tante Getrud gave me.   The apron is from when I was WWOOFing on a goat farm in Portugal. It makes me happy.

Here’s my haul.  Fresh picked beets from my garden, so beautiful.  My recipe called for leaving 2″ of the tops on to make peeling easier. 

Then I washed them really well.  I’m so in love with my beets.  

Next I boiled them in water until they were JUST tender.  This took a while.  I may have overcooked them. 

Then I rinsed them in cold water and the skins came off easily.  You can cut them however you like to eat them.  I packed them in jars with the pickling liquid. 

I got hot and needed a break, so my hubby made us pina coladas. 

That was fun.  Now for more canning.  I macgyvered a water bath canner with a big pot and stainless steel knives on the bottom to make sure the water surrounded the jars.  Cover your jars with 1 – 2″ water, bring it to boil, boil it for a while, and voila, canned masterpieces. 

For anyone interested in learning to can, this post is for your enjoyment only.  Safety is a concern, so I recommend following your canning manufacturers instructions, which can be found online.  Happy Canning!!  It’s so worth the work.



Now you can try to make a homemade version of the scrumptious beet salad that they make at San Marco’s in Port Colborne!

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