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Let Them Eat Cake!

To ease the hard crushing reality of Monday and unfortunate time change, I  made the most delightful chocolate cake. Go me!

I’ve been very curious about Anna Olson recently & tried this little winner of a recipe out.  Super fun, super simple.  Highly recommended. Co-worker approved.

Chopped chocolate on a cutting board is quite possibly one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.

The recipe calls for melted chocolate, twice.  As an experiment years ago, we got rid of our microwave. Turns out, we never need it! Melting chocolate on the stove is perhaps the most satisfying part of baking, sometimes better than the end result. Although, not in this case!

This cake deserved some tiny flags. So I made some. Yes, I made some adorable flags. So? You gotta problem?

Don’t be fooled by my kindergarden icing skills, the icing was super easy to work with (note to self: must youtube icing techniques and not ice like I am 5 no matter how fun it is).

If you haven’t checked out the Anna Olson website, do! Call me inspired.

So pretty.

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