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TNL says goodbye to Kyla Pennie

Well, you heard right, Kyla has moved on from The Niagara Local.  Yup, she’s flown the proverbial coop, as they say. I blame my dad, quite frankly.  He’s her neighbour.  He went over to her house and built her this beautiful glass house with an adjacent rustic chicken-coop and I think she’s caught the country bug.  All she wants to do is take pictures of her garden and lay in her hammock watching her kids grow while the chickens roam free in the yard.  Well, good on ya, girl!  Welcome to the Hamlet!

I sure will miss her as my partner in this adventure, though.   I have learned so much from this amazing woman and have been incredibly inspired working alongside her, drinking a gin and tonic under the willow tree, while we strategized and developed TNL together.

Kyla has a commitment to aesthetics that rivals a professional stylist.  Just check out her Instagram, @thelocalskitchen, and you’ll see what I mean.  She is smart and talented and has a knack for finding the extraordinary in just about anywhere.  She creates magic and beauty and shares it generously with anyone she calls a friend.

And to everyone who is reading this, and especially to my dear friend, Kyla, I would like to raise a glass and toast: Thank you Kyla Pennie for your creative vision that made The Niagara Local come to be.  We’ll be following you on your new adventures to come.


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