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Mother Meera Meditation Centre

An open invitation to innovators in all fields, the Mother Meera Meditation Centre, located in rural Niagara, hosts community events, workshops and healing sessions which build community capacity and nurture the spirit.

When free spirited Marsha Bell, from Iowa, heard about Mother Meera through a book someone lent her, she just knew she had to go to Germany to meet her.  When her husband, Bert Bell, New Zealand expat and all-around-handy-man, offered to make a fountain for Mother, they had no idea that life would never be the same. How they ended up in Bethel, the small hamlet of Port Colborne, ON, running programs and taking care of Mother Meera’s Meditation Centre while Mother is away, is as curious and magical as Mother herself.

Mother Meera, who is known as a spiritual avatar to her devotees, owns properties around the world to host meditation gatherings.   When she is not taking care of her Vidyalaya (her self-named school of six-hundred pupils in India), she visits her centres to deliver Darshan, a silent blessing of love and light.  During Darshan, this centre holds two hundred people in three shifts who  sit in absolute silence and surrender, feeling the blessings of the divine upon them.  Everyone takes a turn kneeling in front of Mother; she says nothing-  just looks into your eyes.  At the end of the session, there is a group blessing.  Bert says you feel lighter, like you are five again; “you remember who you are”.

One of three properties in North America where Mother Meera holds her visits, the Meditaiton Centre is housed in the former German Cultural “Club Rheingold”;  a bucolic fifteen acre parcel of woodland trails and meadow, with a fully equipped dining hall, book store, fish pond, wood-fired pizza oven, and a playground for the kids.  “People used to meet here at dances, get married, and bring their children here.  The meditation centre is going to be like that too.  “People will meet at Darshan”, says Bert Bell.

The Bells, on the instruction of Mother Meera, are opening up the Centre to the community, “reaching out to innovators in all fields” says Marsha.  They want this to become an open space for amazing ideas and inspiration; artist workshops, motivational speeches, healers, reiki, yoga, ayurveda, kids programming, even bread making workshops on the wood fired oven out back.  Recently Shanti Parakh, a local yoga teacher, presented a session on ayurveda and reflexology.  

Regularly scheduled events include: Monthly Silent Group Meditation, Yoga Tuesday’s at 7 pm, Massage, Community Gardens, Inspiration Children’s workshops, and a repair café.  All are welcome to attend, or host their own event or workshop.



seeing Mother Meera is always peaceful…. the new center is amazing as well!! : )


seeing Mother Meera is something definitely to be experienced!! : )

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