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12 Questions with Kevin Echlin

Owner: Kevin Echlin, The Smokin’ Buddha

Favourite Niagara ingredient:


What is your favourite local festival: 

Flavours Food Festival in Port Colborne.

First food memory: 

Throwing food into the pot with my dad.

Original “signature” dish to impress the date: 

Seafood Alfredo.

Go-to menu dish when you are in a hurry:

The Yama-rito.

What is your ideal day in Niagara? 

Friends, wine tour, fire on the beach, guitars.

Most recent inspirational food experience? 

The Wheatsheaf- Toronto’s oldest pub for its selection of beer, ambience and service.

What is your preferred way to relax? 

Children are off to bed.  Red wine. Cigar.

Favourite beer:

A black and tan.

Favourite wine:

Depends on the kind of day I have had.

Dream-holiday vacation: 

Ireland and Russia.

Where are you going on holiday this year?

Wherever my wife tells me.






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